Hungry Heroes is on a mission
to serve bbq with a “thank you”


Late Detective Mike Doty



Detective Mike Doty was killed on January 17th, 2018 in the line of duty responding to a call. Mike served his community with pride for over 12 years. In the aftermath, the York county community mourned. 

Amanda Riggan saw her community in grieving and acted in the only way she knew how – feeding the hungry. Amanda started Hungry Heroes to say thank you and serve all of those who serve our communities.

Founder and Director Amanda Riggan

Amanda has been serving others her entire life. Whether it be on a ball field coaching, as a care giver on the Board of Disabilities or working in the dementia unit at an Assisted Living Community, Amanda has always had a heart to serve.

As Amanda says “she was reborn in 2013 with her renewed relationship with her Lord.” After being publicly Baptized she served on missions outside the United States, again serving others that needed support, love and care.

With the support of her family and friends 2018 became her biggest accomplishment! Hungry Heroes was formed as a nonprofit with the Mission to Feed First Responders around the country. To show her appreciation, get community support and drive this mission so that First Responders would never forget how much we appreciate them. This was one small way to give back and she has plans to give back more. Amanda, her grilling skills, and a great support team are taking Hungry Heroes global!

The Video That Started It All

In 2018, Riggan stopped on her standard FedEx Route to pray with a stranger in need. She shared her experience on Facebook and the video went viral.

After that video, interest in Hungry Heroes grew. This has allowed her to share her message and continue the Hungry Heroes Mission.


"Met Amanda a few years ago when she became our FedEx delivery driver (lucky us!). She has that personality that just makes you like her immediately. Went to one of her first events and was hooked! The girl can smoke some good food. I have been to several events and witnessed her giving heart and determination to serve those who serve others. Police, fire, medic and military. Being the aunt of a military nephew, it touched me to see her head to a base and feed the masses. I try to purchase her hats and shirts so that I can promote the mission in my home town or wherever I may travel. People ask about Hungry Heroes and I love to tell the story of how it all began. Amanda and her family are hard working and I admire each of them. Not to mention, her mom makes the best slaw ever! A woman who truly "moves her feet"."

"Hungry Heroes has had a huge impact on me personally and professionally. We were the first shift Amanda fed, just after buying her first of 325 Traegers. I have known her for years and her and her family mean so much to me. It has been amazing seeing this grow into what it has."

"After the death of Det. Mike Doty and the wounding of three other officers in 2018, HH was formed and we were immediately notified by Amanda of her desire to feed us. It provided an opportunity for our grieving employees to gather for the single purpose of food and fellowship. HH has fed us on numerous occasions and is truly a blessing to us and our profession. God bless you Amanda and Hungry Heroes!" York County Sheriff, Kevin Tolson

"You served post 433 American legion in Midland  North Carolina tonight. I am honored that you served us on the day I was sworn in as post commander for the post. I can only hope to make a difference to our community remotely close to what you have done. We thank you and hope to support you as you have shown us."


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